What is Tefal?

Tefal is a French company that sells cookware items such as pots, pans, utensils, electric grills, rice cookers, and so much more. The company has gained prominence for helping to popularize Teflon-coated cooking tools as common household products, which has led to the position that it now enjoys. The company’s products can be found all over the world and the brand is practically synonymous with the concept of easy cooking.

What is Teflon?

Teflon is a heat-resistant material that provides non-stick properties to many of the products that Tefal sells. In fact, the company gets its name partly from the material and partly from aluminium. Teflon was actually discovered years ago and has been a mainstay in the kitchenware industry for the last several decades.

What does Tefal sell?

For the most part, Tefal sells cooking implements such as pots, pans, fryers, pressure cookers, and a whole bunch of other stuff. The company has also introduced a multi-cooker product, which can basically act as multiple cooking tools in one. There are variants that can cook rice, steam, and a bunch of different ways to prepare food.

What makes Tefal’s products so innovative?

Tefal has gained a reputation for always pushing the envelope when it comes to what’s possible in terms of how food is prepared and how to approach cooking. This energy and enthusiasm in innovation has caught the attention of the likes of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, in fact, which led to a cooking set named after him. Suffice it to say, cooking experts understand how passion Tefal is in coming up with new ways to delight the palate.

How is Tefal’s products different from other cookware?

For the most part, the biggest difference between Tefal’s products and that of others in the market is the Teflon coating. Not only in the existence of the coating, but also in the quality of it. Tefal Teflon coating won’t come off easily.

Is Teflon dangerous?

If Teflon-coated tools are handled properly, the material will never pose a threat to anyone’s health. However, once the coating starts chipping away, it’s best to replace the tool with something newer.